15th November 2000
Eduardo Paulo joins the band and fills in the hole left by the previous vocalist. He has always followed the band's career and evolution supporting it in many ways. The band decided to make Eduardo a member, because he has the "savoir-faire" needed for this sublime work. Patrícia Rodrigues (the former guest for female vocals) is appointed as a permanent member.
10th November 2000
Break up with Tó Mané! The official reasons for this rupture were mainly musical and personal divergencies. The band decided not to talk about this subject anymore in order to prevent probable polemic stories around it. The band also decided to split out with the session bass player Álvaro, because of his lack of commitment.
15th January 2000
The new album is finally recorded. It will be called schizo level! The band's moniker changed too: ThanatoSchizO!
5 CDs + 1 EP
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