19th August 2001
Satan Stole my Teddy Bear (the American site known for the best reviews of metal on the web) put a review of schizo level online. Go to the Press section to read it.
18th August 2001
On the 1st Setember, ThanatoSchizO will be interviewed by Rádio Globo Azul (92.0 fm - Espinho) for Caminhos Metálicos Radio Show. This interview starts at 21 hours!
17th August 2001
On the 17 of August, the daily newspaper Diário Insular (Azores) published an interview given by ThanatoSchizO. Go to the Press section to read it.
15th August 2001
On the 27 of August, Rádio Marcoense (93.3 Fm) will broadcast an interview on Eclipse Metálico show at 0 hours.
The interview which ThanatoSchizO gave to A FORJA Radio Show (31.07.2001) is already available. Go to the Press section and check it!
13th August 2001
Correio da Manhã (a Portuguese daily newspaper) has published an article containing a chronicle about the past and the present of ThanatoSchizO, plus a comment on schizo level album. This article was issued in the number 8121/XXII of the previously mentioned newspaper. Go to the Press section to read it.
11th August 2001
On the 1st of September, ThanatoSchizO will give another interview for a radio show. This time it will be for S.O.S. (Do Extremo ao Caos), which is broadcasted by Rádio Televisão do Minho (92.9FM) in Portugal. It starts at 0.05 hours!
10th August 2001
Next Friday (17th August), an interview with ThanatoSchizO will be broadcasted by Rádio Larouco (93.5 fm) from Chaves, Portugal. The name of the show is Luas D'Aço and starts at midnight.
Luas d'Aço promo
07th August 2001
Misdeed Records came to an agreement with Angra Music Agency in order to promote schizo level in Azores Islands.
Angra Music
06th August 2001
ThanatoSchizO's schizo level is album of the month in Eclipse Metálico show broadcasted by Radio Marcoense.
02nd August 2001
MUSICNET.PT published a review of the ThanatoSchizO schizo level album. Go to the Press section and read it.
31st July 2001
Finally, the so long waited MP3 files from the new album schizo level are available: Suturn and Nightmares Within. Please go to the Downloads section.
30th July 2001
Tomorrow (31.07.2001) a live interview will take place on A FORJA Radio Show and will be broadcasted by the portuguese Rádio Trofa (107.8 FM) at 21:30 o'clock (GMT).
A Forja
24th July 2001
The schizo level is OUT!
26th June 2001
Next Thursday two members from ThanatoSchizO (Guilhermino - guitar - and Paulo - percussion) and the band's session bass player - Miguel - will present a workshop (guitar, bass and percussion) on the EB 2+3 da Régua. This workshop takes place at 10 am!
12th June 2001
Eduardo (ThanatoSchizO's vocalist) is going to exhibit some of his paintings next Friday in Santa Marta de Penaguião's (Home of ThanatoSchizO/Portugal) municipal council. This picture gallery is called "1997-2001: PRECONIZAÇÕES REVERSIVEIS" and will end on the 30th of June!
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