The band remained in studio, focusing on the recording of Origami and even declining some concerts. In February, Eduardo announced to the group he had the need to leave the band to concentrate in other areas of interest: the plastic arts.
The group sold out Teatro de Vila Real (Vila Real theatre) while performing an entirely semi-acoustic set for 80 minutes in February. ThanatoSchizO has also headlined/co-headlined three festivals: Barreiro Metalfest (Lavradio, Portugal), Metal Horror Picture Show 2 (Fundão, Portugal) and Silent Night - Christmas Metal Fest (São Pedro do Sul, Portugal) and played at Festival Ilha do Ermal with Sepultura, Obituary and Blind Guardian as the main attractions. Moreover, a contract deal was signed with Portuguese Major Label Industries for the release of the band's fifth full-length CD, which will consist on acoustic remakes of songs from the first four albums. The recordings took place at Teatro de Vila Real and the band's own Blind & Lost Studios.
ThanatoSchizO inked a deal for the release of the fourth album, Zoom Code, with My Kingdom Music. The worldwide release date was April, 11. Zoom Code features guest appearances by Timb Harris (Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3) and Zweizz (Fleurety, ex-Dødheimsgard). In May, Mexican label Sun Empire Productions released a special deluxe edition of ThanatoSchizO's first album Schizo Level, in digipack format. On May 17, ThanatoSchizO celebrated their 10th anniversary at the 4th Liperske Festival, with Before the Rain, Pitch Black, Daemogorgon, Loss Spectra of Pure, My Eyes Inside, and Primordial Melody as guests. The band performed songs from all the releases and played for almost two hours. That same week Zoom Code went straight to the first place of the metal magazine LOUD! Broadcast Top List. On June 28, ThanatoSchizO performed at Metal GDL Festival (Grândola, Portugal) right before Krisiun and Devildriver, as the only Portuguese band on the main stage. During September and October, the band headlined Berço Fest (Guimarães, Portugal) and presented live a semi-acoustic version of the songs in Zoom Code at the Fnac shops in Lisbon and Porto. On the end of the year balances from the international press, Zoom Code has collected numerous praises, being the nominations on the sites Metal District and Metal Imperium two good examples. On a national level, the voting from LOUD! magazine's readers pointed out ThanatoSchizO as the fourth best band of 2008. In the same magazine, the album was mentioned on the top 5 by 3 of its collaborators.
ThanatoSchizO recorded Zoom Code at Rec'n'Roll Studios (Portugal). The masterization process was held by Tommy Newton at Area 51 Studios (Germany). Moreover, the group signed an exclusive deal with Mexican label Sun Empire Productions for the re-released of the first album Schizo Level with a new front cover. The group has also supported Orphaned Land and Samael’s Portuguese tours, thus making a break from the studio sessions in July. In other news, Gauchos de Acero – the Argentinean group aged between 10 and 14 that became famous through YouTube, due to their Sepultura and Iron Maiden covers – made an interesting interpretation of the song Suturn from ThanatoSchizO’s first album Schizo Level.
The group has began the pre-production of five new songs for their as-yet-untitled fourth album, tentatively due next summer. The pre-production recordings will take place at Wagner Studios in Chaves, Portugal (drums) and in the band's own Blind & Lost Studios.
Following the abrupt end of Rage of Achilles, ThanatoSchizO signed a contract deal with Australia's Burning Elf Records for the international release of the Turbulence album. Meanwhile, the band continued the live promotion of that record in Portugal by headlining some gigs, being on the roster of Alta Tensão (itinerant) Festival, organizing the 3rd Liperske Festival and opening for Swedish band Nightrage at Outubro Negro Festival (Lisbon). By the end of the year, the band is back to its lore, focusing on the composition of new material for an upcoming album.
Pre-release of the third album Turbulence through Misdeed Records in Portugal. ThanatoSchizO ascendant popularity lead to another year full of live gigs (including one semi-acoustic performance at Fnac), and the global reaction to the album was very enthusiastic. By listening to this new record, one can perceive the crescent maturity of the group and the intense professional studio production of the album. The year ended with ThanatoSchizO being voted on a reader's poll from the Portuguese magazine LOUD! as the second 2004 best national band (right after the well-known Moonspell) and Turbulence being voted as the best Portuguese album of the year. Moreover, in the journalist’s poll, Turbulence was mentioned by 4/6 of the members in the 2004 national top 5 and Guilhermino (guitar player) was elected the third best musician in 2004.
Release of the "doomish" InsomniousNightLift album through British Rage of Achilles Records. A very dramatic trip around the epic and progressive music path, which conquered some new fans without abandoning the more aggressive section of the audience. The mixing of different styles gave room to a more simplistic model of death/doom progressive metal. This release was widely praised by international media. Some magazines such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang! rated 4 stars out of 5 possible and, in Portugal, publications like Rock Sound or LOUD! placed this release in the top 3 of the year, as well as mentioning Filipe Miguel (keyboard player) and Miguel Ângelo (bass player) in the top 10 of the best Portuguese musicians of the year. ThanatoSchizO’s intense work created the opportunity to become the support act for Katatonia and Finntroll’s gig in Portugal (Barroselas), in April.
Some gigs to promote the album and a quiet isolation in the rehearsal room, so that the band could create new songs. Signing of the contract with British label Rage of Achilles Records.
schizo level’s release, the first album, through Portuguese label Misdeed Records. A very, very chaotic album that resumes so different areas such as black, death, doom, thrash metal and even progressive rock. The majority of the reviews were very good and this album contains two of the band’s anthems, frequently and heavily requested at live gigs: the ultra dynamic and aggressive Suturn and the very "doomish" peaceful song Nightmares Within. Later this year, the album got the fifth place on a contest by the previously mentioned radio show. The number of fans was clearly growing, especially due to the great live efforts and the huge promotion on the web.
The Melégnia Tour proceeded while the band was working hard on the composition of the first full-length.
The self-financed EP Melégnia is released. With a different vocalist and bass player, this was a very strange disc that mixed various influences. The international and national press made great critics and, by the end of the year, a Portuguese radio contest (won by Emperor’s Prometheus) considered this EP the ninth best worldwide releases. ThanatoSchizO was placed ahead bands such as Immortal, Dimmu Borgir and Primordial. The Melégnia Tour covered 60 dates, in which ThanatoSchizO played side by side with bands such as Sinister, Asgaroth, Pandemia, Purgatory, Tarantula, Sirius, Clawfinger, Malevolence and Aborted. The band’s performances got wonderful reviews.
The band starts composing some songs and playing all over Portugal. A demo tape was also recorded.
The project is born. One will: to create something unique and original.
5 CDs + 1 EP
€45.00 / $58.50