26th June 2001
Next Thursday two members from ThanatoSchizO (Guilhermino - guitar - and Paulo - percussion) and the band's session bass player - Miguel - will present a workshop (guitar, bass and percussion) on the EB 2+3 da Régua. This workshop takes place at 10 am!
12th June 2001
Eduardo (ThanatoSchizO's vocalist) is going to exhibit some of his paintings next Friday in Santa Marta de Penaguião's (Home of ThanatoSchizO/Portugal) municipal council. This picture gallery is called "1997-2001: PRECONIZAÇÕES REVERSIVEIS" and will end on the 30th of June!
10th June 2001
ThanatoSchizO presents here and for the first time their new schizo level promotional flyers. Just click on the small images below to see a large preview of it.
Flyer frontFlyer back
09th June 2001
MISDEED RECORDS has finally named a day for the releasing of schizo level: 24th July!
15th May 2001
Portuguese Magazine LOUD! publishes the ThanatoSchizO Official WebSite review (see it at the Press section).
14th May 2001
The time to reveal ThanatoSchizO's label has come. schizo level will be released by MISDEED RECORDS, a label managed by one of the most well-known, honest and dynamic persons of the portuguese scene...
The final date for the releasing of schizo level is set to middle June. This is due to two main reasons: graphic problems in the printing of the copies ; and the band is preparing itself in terms of logistics in order to support its future.
Misdeed Records
25th April 2001
The releasing of schizo level is delayed due to some problems in the graphic process related to the manufacturing of the copies.
The SchizO Subculture Tour is being prepared together with the portuguese band Perpetual Flame. After the successfully "Chaos & Disorder Tour", the band is preparing itself to headline this (we hope) long list of gigs...
01st March 2001
The band and the label are working together on the new album's layout. Its excellent graphical work will bring to higher levels the magnificence of schizo level.
22nd February 2001
The new ThanatoSchizO site is now totally completed and will be a magnificent way to advance into an interactive level between the band and it's audience. The site will be daily updated with the everyday news at the band's lore.
21st February 2001
The date for the release of schizo level is not yet defined. However, it will be between middle March and middle April. The band will soon accuse the label that will support this release.
19th February 2001
Portuguese Magazine Riff publishes the schizo level Studio Report (see it at the Press section).
10th February 2001
The band is now rehearsing with a new session bass player in order to prepare the gigs for the release parties of schizo level. The guest bass-wizard is Miguel Ângelo from Vila Real and he had been playing for some years in other local bands.
08th February 2001
Photo session in Oporto for schizo level's layout, promos, site and interviews.
06th February 2001
The e-mail account changed. You can now contact the band using
06th December 2000
The band goes to Rec'N'Roll Studios at Oporto in order to record the new material.
5 CDs + 1 EP
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