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29th June 2008
Zoom Code review, Pull the Chain

Zoom Code
CD, My Kingdom Music, 2008

These Portuguese musicians have been in existence (as established band) for seven years now and what we get here is already their fourth’s full length. I’ve completely miss their three previous albums (two on Rage Of Achilles and one on the unknown Misdeed Rec.). From their presence on the Italian label My Kingdom Music, you can tell Thanatoschizo have something different to offer. I’d be lying if I write that I like everything this (strange) label has released but you can always rely on My Kingdom to unearth the more obscure and often original / innovative / disturbing bands from somewhere. Thanatoschizo are another fine example of the label open-minding. «Zoom Code» finds a band tapping in on melodic death metal, radio friendly pop rock metal, emo grey / dark music the whole coupled with some atmospheric gothic metal. To sum up: a strange yet efficient musical chameleon. Don’t get me wrong, Thanatoschizo are a metal band and there are even lotsa death metal elements, but the Portuguese act has developed this into a very polished and personal style that incorporates some gothic metal with atmospheric / progressive surroundings. If melodic metal that is not cheesy or foreseeable is what you are into then buy «Zoom Code».
5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00