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02nd August 2008
Zoom Code review, Hardrock Haven

Zoom Code
CD, My Kingdom Music, 2008

So rarely do we hear of Portuguese metal bands here in the states and that is a pity if ThanatoschizO is an example of what is going on there. Of course it is difficult to judge metal bands by their CD as most of these bands are live bands and tend to overdo it on disc. Seriously, they all need to learn to just say no every effect presented to them. Though ThanatoschizO's Zoom Code is no exception, when you put aside the layers and layers of tracks and tacky effects, there is a decent metal band hidden beneath.

The CD starts off with "Thick 'n' Blurry," remember we are looking past the tacky bird noises and effects and focusing on the music which is in there somewhere, which is complete with intense drumming, spot on guitarists that don't rely on the chunky distortion that turns each tone into a undistinguishable screech, and a pair of vocalists that actually complement each other.

"Hereafter Path" is interesting as it has an Arabian vibe to it. Every aspect of the band meshes perfectly to create this song. Even the accordion sounds (leaning toward keyboard effect) works. This maybe the one exception of the rule in which the effects add to the song rather then mucks it up.

At the end of the CD we are left with "Awareness." A song that begins with a really nice Jazzy drum beat layered with a guitar that is a roller coaster of eerie and upbeat as they drift in and out of keys. The vocals never do much more then moaning, but it works for this song and help create a great conclusion to this CD.

With all the effects and crap that litter metal CDs and those who only rely on metal albums rather then a bands live performances it really is no wonder that metal has such a bad name. There are very few metal bands out there right now that don't abuse the studio and over do it. With that being said once you sift through the unneeded extras and get to the music, you are typically pleasantly surprised or you see that those extras were there to mask a genuinely crappy band. ThanatoschizO fortunately is one of the ones who once sifted through you find a decent band. [7,5/10]
5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00