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21st August 2008
Zoom Code review, Powerplay

Zoom Code
CD, My Kingdom Music, 2008

Click for a larger viewComing across initially as an art rock version of Lacuna Coil, Thanatoschizo don't really match up to the progressive death metal description on their press release. Fusing elements of world music and the avant garde onto a framework of strong, dark rock and metal, the band have a massive amount of personality and bags of ideas crammed into their sound. There are some harsh vocals here and there, but it never overpowers procreedings, giving the music something of an Opeth atmosphere at times. Track two, the curiously titled "L.", shows off some death metal chops, but they are worked into a compelling tapestry of sound layered with dual male/female vocals, effects and interesting instrumentation. Strings, keyboards and ambient effects fill out the already fascination musical landspace, and each song unfolds into something very special. After a while you get the distinct impression you are listening to one of those albums that will be remembered for years to come.
Easter melodies weave in and out of "Hereafter Path", and thus the album continues. Patrícia Rodrigues really does sound like Cristina Scabbia for much of the CD, but this works in the album's favour, and Eduardo Paulo's dual croon and roar work to create a varied and rich array of characterizations. Like a world music influenced version of the UK's Interlock. Portugal's Thanatoschizo have created a fourth album that really does make you wonder what they will come up with next. In terms of creativity and musicianship, this album is really quite brilliant. [9/10]

Andrew Hawnt
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