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01st October 2002
Interview for Metal Rules Magazine #14

Click for a larger viewIf Mr. Bungle and Nightfall had a child it would be called…

This band is seriously unique and in being so has created a very cool CD that is a joy to listen to.
That's your intro. Fuck off.

Introduce yourself and describe your music style.
Hello! We are ThanatoSchizO and come from Portugal. Our music style is very ambiguous to be described. However, I can say that our music ranges between melody and brutality. We mix a lot of styles and ways of arousing others minds. For that very reason, if you are looking for some kind of label to name us, just forget it, because you won't find it. Our diversity is so great that you won't be able to catalogue it that easy. But if you really want to call us something, just try: Schizophrenic dark metal. One day someone called us something like "Mr. Bungle meets Nightfall"… so think about it…

What the fuck does your band's name mean and why did you name the band.
We started to use "Thanatos" as a moniker. It symbolizes the Freudian tendency that humankind has towards the abysm (I mean, Death). However, time showed us like seven bands - of multiples styles - around the world with this very same name. Therefore, we decided to agglutinate the suffix schizo in order to better describe what kind of music we actually make. In fact, our music has some sort of schizophrenic component, which gives it a peculiar taste and a special hint of originality. ThanatoSchizO means a way of living through death but without letting it control your ability to decide which is your path.

I recently went to a restaurant where they repeatedly kept bring me more and more meat. It just didn't stop. I kept eating and when I took a shit later it was rough because it was just meat being shit. What do you think of this restaurant?
I would never go there again, but before I left I would make such a fuss of it that the other clients would start to leave the place and never go there again.

I can see a bobby on the front of your CD. Why only one? Who is she?
The picture chosen to be our cover was taken in a very artistic way. We didn't want it to be sexually exciting rather erotically arousing. The reason why you only see one bobby is that the model chose to be that way. We gave her total willingness to pose in the way she wanted. What you see on the front cover was her own and free choice.
The model used for the photographic session is sometimes confused with me, but I can assure you that I'm not the naked woman on the cover. She is a well-known model from a town near ours.

Do you think the normal metal head will go nuts with the excitement of your CD or just look slack jawed and drool? Why?
A true metal fan will enjoy our CD for the music we play and not for the almost naked girl on the front cover. However, I can imagine how a man's mind works and I know they will also admire the beauty of our model. Still, I continue to asseverate that a normal and true metal fan will appreciate the diversity, the originality and the schizophrenia present in "Schizo level".
Eduardo: We're very concerned about that, but I think that when a person tastes our album and have an open-minded thought, it will find true excitement not only through the cover but also through the music...
You guys are from Portugal. What is Portugal known for? Is there a Portuguese metal scene?
Patrícia: Portugal is known by its beautiful and rustic landscapes, by its wonderful and tasteful wine, by its nostalgic song called Fado. In what concerns the Portuguese metal scene, I can state that it is very strong and active, but lacks a little bit more cooperation from the audience. The Portuguese public doesn't buy a lot of CD's from Portuguese bands and that doesn't help the scene to develop. The public usually thinks that what comes from the outside is better. This is a misjudgement, because we really have very good bands coming from the underground.

What's the best and worst part of living in Portugal?
The best part of living in Portugal is that in a crisis situation we always maintain a certain neutral position about certain issues. As we are considered to be very small and harmless, nobody cares with what we do. Therefore, we are always protected under a sheep's cloth. The worst part is precisely the same as the best one but with another meaning. I will now explain: because we are very small, when we want to declare something, nobody pays attention. This is why our position is underestimated and undervalued. In order to prove that we are good, great efforts are required.

My Mom's second husband was a real asshole named Len Moniz and he was Portuguese. Do you know him? And can you kick his ass for me if you see him.
I don't know him. (you're lucky. - Jeff)

Do you know of a homemade soup made with a sausage called sharise (not sure if I spelled it right). Anyway, this is some vile shit. What do you know about this?
You're right: you misspelled the word. It is called chouriço. And I think you are referring to caldo verde. I find it quite good, although I don't appreciate soup very much. It is made in a traditional way (in the way you do a normal soup) but you add sliced cabbage (sliced in a particular way) and the so- -called chouriço. In English, the equivalent to chouriço is smoked pork sausage.
Eduardo: You gotta be joking, Mr. McDonalds!

What is the translation for the song "Cântico Negro"? I have a lot of really angry looking rappers staring at me and they want to know now.
The translation for "Cântico Negro" can be dark song or dark hymn. It is a poem by a famous Portuguese writer. His name is José Régio. The poem talks about individuality, loneliness, the right to be different among regular and normal people. The person who is talking suffers of unconformity, suspiciousness and is very ironic about everything and with everyone that surrounds him. We chose it because it expresses what we believe in: the individual is more important than the whole (society). One must look for its own well-being as long as others are not prejudiced.

Your band all has really normal Hispanic names except for Guilhermino. Does anybody use his whole name while addressing him? Seems difficult.
It is not difficult. It's quite easy. However, we usually call him a shortened version of his name: Gui. Although his name is quite unusual, it isn't that hard to pronounce it.

What bands have you played with and who treated you cool and who was dicks?
We have played with many bands, because a tour took place in order to promote our EP "Melégnia". The tour integrated two great Portuguese bands: The Firstborn and Holocausto Canibal. It was a fantastic experience and we enjoyed every second. Since we have a long list of gigs, we have also played with other bands (Sinister, Asgaroth, Pandemia, Purgatory, Tarantula, Sirius, Symawrath, Malevolence e Aborted) and they were always very professional.

Patrícia (one of the vocalists) is hot! Do you guys all try to bone her? Or does she try to bone you? Can she cook and clean too?
Actually, it's funny that I'm the one who is answering this interview. Well, my mates have always acted very professionally with me. They never tried anything and vice versa. As for the last part of your question, as I live on my own I must manage some domestic situations such as cleaning and cooking. (That puts you one step ahead of Jeff. Luckily the dude's married! - Joe) (DAMMIT!! He's STILL HERE!!! - Jeremy)

Are you honoured to appear in Metal Rules! Magazine? Why?
ThanatoSchizO's members are always pleased to answer some interviews. This is a simple way to divulge our music and spread our non-compromising attitude towards life. Therefore, we are honoured to be interviewed by Metal Rules! Magazine. And I must admit that I particularly enjoyed this interview, because it was quite unusual.
Eduardo: Sure, man! At first, I thought you're being an asshole with all these questions, but then I just couldn't stop laughing. You're really fucking crazy!

What are your last words for the kids? What kind of crap do you have for sale? How can we contact you? Anything else you want to talk about?
My piece of advice goes to the ones who copy the albums from metal bands. Don't they understand they are prejudicing themselves? If bands can't sell CDs, they can't get any profit and the concerts will be less and less.
For the ones who want to get in touch with ThanatoSchizO, they can send an e-mail to For those who want to known more about the band, just write on the net.
If you dare, try to enter the world of "Schizo Level". I'm certain it is a ride you have never taken, a level you've never stepped into… Beware: ThanatoSchizO may bewitch you!
Eduardo: Thank you for everything and I hope to see you soon. I think it's better learn how to speak Portuguese and try to get new material from other Portuguese bands, not only metal ones. You know, our scene is growing wisely and you shouldn't walk only through fashion.
I think that new bands should learn with some of the best older ones.
You can't be something you're not. Be yourself by you

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