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01st October 2001
schizo level review, Ravenous Web Zine

ThanatoSchizO "schizo level" (Misdeed Rec.)

schizo levelNow this is a really great surprise! Incredible production, amazing sound!
ThanatoSchizO is the new name for Thanatos, a well known band in the Portuguese Underground Scene.
But it isn't only the name that changed - a brand new vocalist: Eduardo; a new keyboard player: Filipe and the inclusion of the singer Patrícia in the band's line-up.
Recorded at the Rec'n'Roll Studios and produced by Luis Barros (Tarantula), this "schizo level" happens to be one of the best productions ever made in our country. The instruments are all incredibly clean and perceptible.
This band is known for the great difficulty in "labeling" their sonority: their variation between all songs leave the listener the impression that he is listening different bands track by track. Well, this happens a lot in this "schizo level".
The album begins with an extreme brutality: first two tracks reaching a black metal sonority. But then everything changes on the third track... I'll be not describing the tracks one by one because that will result on the biggest review ever made... resuming: they mix perfectly ethnical sounds with progressive sonorities.
Some (yet suspicious) comparisons can be made with bands like Anathema, My Dying Bride and Opeth.
Originality is a today's challenge for every band... not for this one!
One final comment for the album's biggest revelation: Eduardo is one of the best vocalist in Lusitanian lands... or even the best! Keep it on! [9/10]

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