06th January 2009
Zoom Code voted as the 6th best 2008 Portuguese release, Zyk's Asylum

Zoom Code was voted by Zyk's Asylum as the 6th best 2008 Portuguese release:

1º- The Firstborn - The Noble Search
2º- Ars Diavoli - Pro Nihilo Esse
3º- Heavenwood - Redemption
4º- Crystalline Darkness - Melancolia Nostalgica
5º- We Are The Damned - The Shape of Hell To Come
6º- ThanatoSchizO - Zoom Code
7º- Decayed - The Black Metal Flame
8º- Epping Forest - Everblasting Struggle
9º- Inverno Eterno - Postumo
10º- In Tha Umbra - Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings Like na Eagle and Soar the Winds of Chaos
5 CDs + 1 EP
€45.00 / $58.50