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17th March 2002
Trash Publishing Promo Compilation Vol. 4 review, Babylon Magazine

V.A. "Promo-Compilation Vol. 4"
(Thrash Publishing)

Promo Compilation Vol. 4This very interesting compilation puts forwards 8 new Portuguese bands playing, for the most, gothic and death metal. Among all the combos the Painstruck, which are present with "War Cry" and "Wrath Of God", stand out for their technique and their originality; the Thanatoschizo, with "Whitering Art" and "Nausea", play a gothic-death characterised by crazy and angry moment that reminded me of the Cradle Of Filth and the old Theatre Of Tragedy. "The Flame Of Draconis" and "The Hammered Crown" are putted forward by the Tragedium which remind, instead, of the Anathema at the time of "The Silent Enigma" and "Eternity". This compilation is the perfect summary of the Portuguese metal scene.

Response: 6,5/10

Davide Boeri
(Translated by Daniela Andreata)
5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00