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01st April 2002
schizo level review, Golden Lake Productions' Magazine #1

ThanatoSchizO " Schizo Level" (Por)
(Misdeed Records)

Click for a larger viewYou're in for no ordinary ride with this one, but I guarantee you'll be queuing up for more. This Portuguese quintet serve up an impressive array of blackened death metal that will put your brain cells through the mixer. The guitars drive on relentlessly giving an excellent rendition of black and death metal riffs alike, but don't think that that's all you get, there's power, thrash and gothic influences as well. The keyboards, although not the most dominant aspect of the music, still add an impressive aura and help to induce that chaotic feel that the album title suggests. The vocal selection is varied, incorporating deathly grunts, blackened screams and of course clean vocals have a limited use as well, oh and there are female vocals too. Basically, nothing is missed out, you get everything in this package. The production is brilliant, making this a refreshingly original and enjoyable release!

5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00