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01st June 2002
schizo level review, Ancient Ceremonies #9

"schizo level"
Misdeed Records

Click for a larger viewWhen the first MCD from the Portuguese band Thanatos was released, I felt that I was in the presence of a band that had a lot to give and to show everyone. Well, I was not wrong! This first full-length Cd, now under the name of ThanatoSchizO, as there are too many Thanatos bands, is a living proof that there is no limit to metal Combining a handful of metal styles, from Death to Black mainly, but you can also find influences of Doom or Gothic (it really is an arduous task to achieve the perfect label for this music). This band has created something strange and refreshing at the same time!! I feel that this band is evolving very quickly, there are a lot of good ideas in this work, but there are still some loose ends, edges to trim, I guess that the future releases will show us a more mature and original band of unquestionable quality.
In nowadays metal, it is not easy to stand out of the various shapes that metal music has. When a band is looking to be different, or even "strange", I look at it in a careful way. To be difficult is always a tougher task than it is to be good in a known style. Too often the music is unnatural, it is obvious that there is an intention of being different, it just ends up failing all its intention. In this album I didn't feel that, the music just flows in a natural way, there is no obsession to be different, it just ends up being different.
The album has its ups and downs, in what speed and violence are concerned. "Raw", the first song, is a violent exercise of almost pure high speed Black Metal, but don't be fooled, as you will find slower songs like "Nightmares Within" (excellent track), or even "Cântico Negro", this one will surely be a surprise. "Tiger's Doom" is by far my favourite track, but they are all good in their own style. The quality of the musicians involved in this album is outstanding, starting in the guitar, going through the great bass lines, the extremely versatile vocals, and ending in the indispensable presence of the keyboard… and the piano is sublime… So, if your are into Death/Black Metal and have an open mind, check this album out… you will not be disappointed!

Pedro Félix da Costa
5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00