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20th June 2002
schizo level web site review, Beyond WebZine

Schizo Level

Label: Misdeed Records
Style: Black/Death
Format: CD
Country: Portugal
Contact: Misdeed Records, rua Firmino Rebelo, n°15, r/ch dto, 2780-847 Porto Salvo, Portugal.

Misdeed Records seem to have more than honorable intentions. We all know that to help a band break through it isn’t just willpower you need. It sure helps to push the pedal to the metal (no pun intended) too. As it goes, this new little label isn’t the kind to let go easily. Let’s hope so... But let’s get back to their fist production, which is the Thanatoschizo CD (in digipack format, no less!). This Portuguese Black/Death band will surprise the unprepared listeners in a positive way, thanks to the strange arrangements of rather daring but never futile instrumentations. Be it with brass samples or oriental string instruments, our five musicians always have a little personal touch to add that makes them stand out in the crowd. I’m not saying we’re facing something revolutionary here, but you can tell there are some excellent ideas merging. Unfortunately, one can also tell that the technical level is a bit limited and this kind of holds the musicians back from taking their search to the edge. Pity. But with a little patience and constant work, I’m sure that Thanatoschizo will make real sparks!
5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00