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07th January 2003
InsomniousNightLift review, Live 4 Metal

ThanatoSchizO - InsomniousNightLift (Rage Of Achilles)

InsomniousNightLiftSometimes it is the smaller labels and the unheard of bands that contain the hidden gems. InsomniousNighLift is one such example and is an album that lushly glitters with splendour. This Portuguese band formally known as Thanatos added the Schizo moniker to their name as they were unsatisfied and wanted to progress to the next level of maturity. I can’t say I have encountered their early roots but this is an album that constantly fluctuates and evolves on different musical paths. It is a stimulating affair and one that over the 66 minute running time constantly keeps the listener on their toes and never bores in the slightest. Overflowing with ideas this is a band that seems to have many influences, yet they never pillage in perfection of their craft. The album starts with Reminder and a haunting guitar chord that reminds me of Bauhaus. At first I almost expected to hear Peter Murphy crooning who killed Mr Moonlight over the top. Instead we get what actually turns out to be one of the albums heaviest passages with vocalist Eduardo Paulo growling away. Expecting an Opeth vein I was quickly proved wrong by the sweet choral accompaniment of Patricia Rodrigues. The beguiling interplay may make one think this is going to be a Lacuna Coil clone but it is far from that. By now I am noticing hints of Pink Floyd in the rich acoustics and Gothic overtones that go straight back in time to the best of the 80s. The lyrics are pure poetry and the interplay between the vocalists really allows you to enjoy them fully. Melodies are upbeat at times and then in the next instant sink to the depths of nihilism. Of Lunar Water chops and changes with bouncy chords one second and dismal heart tugs the next. Although everything on this is exceptionally good there are a couple of tracks that stand out. The female spoken word passage at the start of Sublime Loss really send shivers down the spine and when the track lulls you in with the sweet vocals and penetrating melody it really hooks into you. Broken up with a pounding drum roll and almost frenetic psychedelia, by the time it bounces back in, it is almost impossible not to hum along. Upshot Veil starts out in a way that I really cannot let them get away with (a bit to close for Anathemas Sunset Of The Age if you ask me) but I guess I can forgive them their trespasses. Another classic in the making is Slow-Chamber Candle’s Choir. Heavy and bombastic with a military drum assault and perfect harmony. When the keyboard rhythm pulses in it is pure Gary Numan and a sound that brought a wry smile to my face. Finishing off with the soothing strains of Nightly Lift one thing is by now very clear to me. This is definitely the first truly inspiring release of 2003 and one that I will certainly do my best to remember by the end of the year.

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