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30th January 2003
InsomniousNightLift review, Rock Sound UK (February '03)

Rage Of Achilles

Click for a larger viewUtilising a 12-strings semi-acoustic may hot have done The Mission any harm back in the day, but in this day and age it’s not acceptable under any circumstance! Perhaps someone should tell that to this little lot from Portugal, who fancy themselves as a folk-rock outfit and seem hell-bent on mixing the worst parts of The Mission and the dullest period of Anathema with a lacing of Julianne Regan-esque vocals. Doesn’t sound ideal, does it? And that’s even before we come to the touchy subject of their song titles. Who in their right mind is going to name a song “Dance of the Tender Leavens” or “Of Lunar Water...” unless they have ideas from the land of Faery? Judging by the mythical-metal outpourings, that’s exactly where this lot aspire to be. Not of our world, and thank fuck for that.

Ronnie Kerswell
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