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17th February 2003
InsomniousNightLift review, Webzine

ThanatoSchizO - InsomniousNightLift CD (Rage Of Achilles)

InsomniousNightLiftExtraordinary stuff from Rage Of Achilles this time, the band with an unpronounceable name from Portugal joined the label just in Mid 2002. It's really not easy to get into this record because of these averagely 6 minutes long progressive dark metal tracks! But that's more a challenge than determent! The main trademark of Thanatoschizo might be the changing between male and female vocals but there is also always a variation between mid-tempo rocking dark metal and slow passages with acoustic respectively harmonic guitars and I think they especially use that tempo when the vocals are changing because when Eduardo is shouting and screaming the music is dominated by brutal guitar riffs and some keyboard sounds whereat when Patricia is singing the music gets much calmer whereat this can't be generalized because also Eduardo has a lot clean singing parts where the whole music reminds me more of a depressive Emo-Song than of epic Dark Metal! That's the main attribute of their style, the mixture of dark metal with heavy guitar riffs and harmonic passages with frail keyboard sounds. The heavy parts are really good and show the band's abilities but the emotional parts especially the ones with the female vocals are an interferingly interception! With a better integration and a more professional playing of these parts the record would be much better!
10 tracks/66:48
3/6 stars

5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00