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26th February 2003
InsomniousNightLift review, Beyond Webzine

InsomniousNightLiftIn 2001, the young Portuguese label Misdeed Records proudly presented us “Schizo Level”, the first album by Thanatoschizo. For a first production the label placed a good bet. I myself had noticed that this band was “undoubtedly promising”. Oh, it didn’t burn down the house but you could tell that the bases were solid. I’m thus not surprised to observe that our friends climbed up the ladder a bit and are now in Rage Of Achilles’ stables. This label, as you probably noticed, is welcoming a growing number of good bands lately. The new Thanatoschizo, christened “Insomnious Night Lift” isn’t less bizarre than its predecessor. Maybe it is a bit less daring (because it avoids downright “out of context” elements...) but the band seems to be keen on keeping and (re-) affirming its identity at any price. Knowing that the ingredients of this identity are great composing talent and an often more than original result, one can only approve this choice... With this said, I also feel like this album leaves more space for female vocals and Dark/Doomy arrangements, which often end up in acoustic patterns. I know a couple of Eastern European bands that evolve in the same direction (like the astonishing Six Degrees Of Separation for instance) and I think that with this band, we’re gently heading for a new style - a style so variegated that it gets hard to classify. If only the guitars were a bit less weak in the mix, the whole thing would be tops. Better luck next time, I guess!

Translation: Fae
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