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29th September 2003
InsomniousNightLift review, Ancient Ceremonies #11

ThanatoSchizO - InsomniousNightLift
(Rage Of Achilles)

Click for a larger viewThis kind of ambitious attitude is what makes great bands... I mean this Portuguese band has found their particular style already on their debut album «Schizo Level» and now it’s developed in such a manner that sometimes looks a different band!. The unpreoccupied mixture of styles that ThanatoSchizO does is something to be praised just for itself, how many bands do you know that wonders in a world of Death, Doom, Jazz, Gothic, Ambiental, Progressive, Rock and whatever styles? Now the difficult part in this is to blend everything in an effective way, something that this sextet accomplishes quite well. The vocal duo touch of Eduardo (male) and of Patrícia Rodrigues (female) only fortifies the mist of progressive tunes that the album possesses since both singers do a good job by using several vocalizations on the album. ThanatoSchizO is one of those bands that uses song writing, arrangements and talent at their favour, it’s like they used bits of several other bands, like for instance Anathema, My Dying Bride, Solefald, Paradise Lost, Novembers Doom, Tiamat and several others...and shaped everything at their own lunatic will.
Even if I consider «InsomniousNightLift» not an easy listening (with a few ups and downs) for the untrained Metal fan I can certainly recommend it for their audacity and for the relaxed moments that you can spend by listening it (warning: when listening to it, try not to forget that exists a real world which is not covered with vivid colours...). I can even say that ThanatoSchizO is among the most original bands of the Portuguese Metal scene. Congratulations!

Nuno Santos
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