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18th October 2003
Live review of the gig at Penaguião Metalfest - Liperske I (Sta. Marta de Penaguião, Portugal) (27.09.03), Back To The Grave webzine

LIPERSKE I – Penaguião Metalfest, Santa Marta de Penaguião, Portugal September 27, 2003

You might well say that THANATOSCHIZO were the band of the evening – not necessarily because they were the best band of the festival, but because they were playing home and had therefore much more supporters. At first, I thought they had the best sound of the whole evening (bearing in mind that their sound-check took 1 ½ hour or so). But then realised it had been cast upon HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL. THANATOSCHIZO’s sound is not too complicated (much calmer), so it was possible to come up with a reasonably clear sound. The band is 5-6 years old, and even though I know them since the Melégnia times, this was my first time with THANATOSCHIZO (formerly known as THANATOS) live – which certainly gives me the right to expect something from them. Nowadays, their formula consists of: 2 vocalists (male/ female), 1 bass player, 1 guitar player, 1 keyboard player + 1 drummer. They started playing – and played eternities, more than 60 minutes, I suppose – and in the course of their performance no pertinent feeling has been aroused in me. It was perfectly noticeable that their concert had been carefully prepared, for they have played absolutely no song from beginning to end: they played medleys of their own songs plus some part or other from better known songs like Wherever I May Roam (METALLICA) and Another Brick in the Wall (PINK FLOYD). Overall, the female vocalist is not quite that competent. She is actually d-tuned (reminds me of METALLICA’s recent and most failed effort so far, Saint Anger) most of the times. The guitarist is reputed to be good, but he did not show much of his capacities. He is more into jazz and blues, which comes out rather clearly in his solos. Generally speaking, their songs were rather long. There was a point in time when I could not stand any more of it, so I had to come outside and take some fresh air. Amidst the many ‘psychedelic’ effects, they also used Gregorian chants, but I could not stand so much experimentalism again. They simply could not play one whole song the way they have recorded it. It seems to have pleased their supporters though.

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