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14th November 2003
InsomniousNightLift review, Metal Judgemant webzine

Title: Insomnious Night Lift
Artist: Thanatoschizo
Label: Rage of Achilles Records
Release Date: 1/27/03
Average Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by Behemoth (11/14/03):
InsomniousNightLiftRage of Achilles Records presents the second full-length dark metal album from Portugal's Thanatoschizo. Just envision the sweeping sunny shores of Lisbon while embarking on this schizophrenic dementia praecox metal bent. Insomnious Night Lift actually is well defined accordingly as in contradictory and antagonistic, it's a zig then a zag. Before delving into this masterpiece allow a slight digression.
Following Thanatoschizo's debut effort SchizoLevel , released in 2001, this Santa Marta De Penaguiao based sextet set out to further explore their dark metal experimentations. The band formed in 1998, and eventually signed with Rage of Achilles Records in mid 2002. After the label deal was struck the band promptly entered Rec ‘N' Roll Studios to finish Insomnious Night Lift which produced new writing styles, demonstrating their increased musical fluidity and maturity. This soaring effort takes the band through realms of progressive dark metal. The vocal tracks are bifurcated (split) between male and female over dubs, (think The Gathering), creating rather interesting musical atmospherics.
Thanatoschizo's sound is an interesting blend of musical elements featuring dark, doom, and ambient metal, which are constructed within fast and mid tempo songs. The conceptualized lyrics are extremely introspective and intriguing: I have tried thousands of times to strangle this inner shiver, but the desire to process the madness whispered by the breeze has never abandoned me .
Overall, Thanatoschizo produces an excellent balanced effort, while executing dark metal combinations. The release opens with a subtle acoustic instrumental before delving into an eclectic array of metal arrangements, which basically defy sound reason. The metal spreadsheet covers far and wide concepts from eighty's new wave keyboards to tracks laden with crunch driven guitar riffs. The time changes within “Dance of the Tender Leaves” are truly schizophrenic albeit entertaining. The epilogue track “Nightly Lift” has sweeping vocals and orchestrations, which carries the listener into a natural ethos.
It is apparent the growing strength of Thanatoschizo both musically and vocally Insomnious Night Lift yields a truly dramatic listen able event. The band is spreading their futuristic vision across the world through a heavy touring schedule, which should lead towards greater exposure. A planned re-issue of SchizoLevel is forthcoming. See you at the New Jersey Metal and Hardcore Festival, I'll be in disguise!
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