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10th May 2008
Zoom Code review, Tempelores

Zoom Code
CD, My Kingdom Music, 2008

The Portugese band ThanatoSchizO Released their fourth full length album “Zoom Code”. The band makes Progressive Death Metal.

The band have three vocalists: Eduardo and Guilhermino for the death metal sound and Patricia to add a little sugar. The sound of ThanaSchizO reminded me of the Finnish band Soulgrind. The melodic sound combined with Patricia’s vocals makes it that the music is very accessible. With this album being the fourth, the band showed their experience very well. Somehow when listening to this album I feel like living in a fairytale. It is like a sort of rock opera idea. A bit of the Ayreon idea. The band also included many guest musicians which underlines that comparisation.

It seems like the band has been trying a lot of different things in order to be creative and in the need to stand out they partly succeed. But this dreamy and almost poppy voices are coming up more and more in this genre. While this band is doing this since 1998, Nightwish for example chooses a poppy voice in their music recently. While the fame of this band in Portugal seems to be quite ok, they now are up to world domination with “Zoom Code”.
I’ll give them a chance for succeeding!

Sabine van Gameren
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