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15th May 2008
Zoom Code review, Vampire Magazine

Zoom Code
CD, My Kingdom Music, 2008

Try to figure out what kind of music lies in between those of Amorphis, Mors Principium Est and perhaps, Lacuna Coil. Unimaginable? An easier way is to check out the latest from Thanatoschizo, an 11-track full-length entitled "Zoom Code" which is the band's first release through My Kingdom Music. Thanatoschizo has been around for many years now, so let's see what "Zoom Code" has in store, track by track.

What the songs have in common are the prominence of the lead guitars and the abundance of sound effects - all these are just so vital for establishing the identity of the band. As for the individual tracks, it's good that each one has attractive qualities. "(Un)bearable Certainty", above all, has nice bass all throughout, but it's overly embellished with effects like "The Shift" and "Last Of The Few". Notice, too, that "Hereafter Path" and "Last Of The Few". are very similar to each other. The keys in "Pale Blue Perishes" are beautiful but it seems they aren't given a lot of emphasis. "Awareness" is soothing and disturbing at the same time with the aura of classical music. And lastly, "Pervasive Healing" is just the most aggressive song in this record with a perfect rhythm that's pretty hard to forget. Violin, keys, extreme riffing and beats, dark growling and a clean female voice - though the band does a combination of doom and death metal, it may all just sound the usual 'Beauty and the Beast' setting of many similar artists but it's in the gleam of the sound that artists in this scene will differ. All in all, "Zoom Code" is a variety of death-inspired gothic-like progressive-doom metal that's still undoubtedly Thanatoschizo, that is, music with just the right amount of gleam to be noticed.

Kate Topacio
5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
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