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01st July 2008
Zoom Code review, Metal Team UK

Zoom Code
CD, My Kingdom Music, 2008

Defunct British label Rage Of Achilles did a grand job of unearthing some interesting and unique bands. However for me the jewel in their crown was the discovery of Portuguese group ThanatoSchizO (TSO) and the release of their 2002 album Insomnious Nightlift. Not only was this very high up in my albums of that year but it is one that I often dip into again and enjoy playing. In fact there was no problem having a compare and contrast session with new album Zoom Code, to see where the band had gone in the last 6 years.

Well there have been quite a few changes although the core of the band is essentially the same, the doom-laden gothic approach has been transformed into a much more upbeat and faster pace. I am also pleased that one of the group’s two singers Patricia Rodrigues seems to have been utilised a lot more here as she really does have a breathtaking voice and Eduardo Paulo seems to have become a more proficient growler with time too. I should point out that the two albums were bridged by Turbulence in 2004 and that probably didn’t get to me due to the fact that it’s on the unheard of Misdeed Records.

‘Zoom Code’ is an album packed full of incredibly strong songs. ‘Thick n’ Blurry’ is just that, well the drumming is thick and then the female vocals come in and knock you flat. It is instantly evident that you are in for a stormy and dynamic 48 minute listening experience here. The simply entitled ‘L’ has a Middle Eastern flavour running through it and is hot and spicy, actually in complete contrast to the cold gloom of songs from Insomnious. It has a rage that makes it apparent how this lot ended up getting support to Orphaned Land in Portugal. I am kind of reminded of them here as well as perhaps Salem going head to head with Stream Of Passion which in my book is a perfect marriage.

Persuasive accordion weaves its way into ‘Hereafter Path’ and leads you off on a wild gypsy jig, by contrast the slower parts have such a grasp of melody they completely entrance the listener. The more I listen to this album the more I enjoy it and become addicted. Choosing a part that blows me away the most is difficult. It could be the fantastic chorus of ‘Pleasure Pursuit’, but then again it is perhaps bettered by the one on ‘Pale Blue Perishes’.

ThanatoSchizO deserve widespread attention and this is the album that should take them up to the next level. Moonspell may well be the most recognised name in Portugal as far as metal is concerned but TSO could well be snapping at their heels in the future.
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