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02nd October 2001
schizo level review, Into Obscurity

Thanatoschizo - "schizo level"
Misdeed Records (2001)
schizo level
Genre: Black Metal
Similar bands: Source of Tide, Cradle of Filth, Moonspell, Solefald

Thanatoschizo have been turning heads in their native Portugal since the release of their "Melegnia" EP in 1999. Signed to Misdeed Records, their first full length comes in the form of "schizo level".

The debut full length is being trumped up as an unclassifiable piece of metal, but really, it sounds like a cacophonous concoction of styles. Thanatoschizo mix a little bit of everything. For the most part, it's pretty typical symphonic / electronic black metal ala Cradle of Filth, complete with Dani Filth-esque ear-piercing shrills. However, there are more eclectic moments on the disc which are similar to fellow Portugese metal legends, Moonspell, or Solefald. Finally, there is a doom / black metal hybrid element as well which could most closely be compared to Source of Tide. All of this plays together quite well, except for some inexplainably out of place parts, including a horn intro which sounds like your average high school band warming up. The production varies. On some tracks, it sounds horrible, while on others the sound is superb.

Is it groundbreaking? Definitely not. Is it a good record? Yes. While "schizo level" may not live up to the hype that it is receiving, it's definitely an album worth paying attention to.
5 CDs + 1 EP + T-shirt
€50.00 / $65.00