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30th January 2003
InsomniousNightLift review, Metal Hammer UK #45

Rage Of Achilles

Click for a larger viewThe second album from a Portuguese band who give a fascinating, challenging insight into the growing death/ doom genre, and while there’s no doubting that ‘InsomniousNightLift’ is flawed, nonetheless it is rather intriguing. Heavy, hard and fearsome, ThanatoSchizO are capable of raging yet also of fine degrees of supple rhythms. And they’ve also caught the current prog rock bug, with keyboard player Filipe Miguel providing almost jazz-oriented moments on tracks like ‘A Promenade Portrait’ and ‘Of Lunar Water’. At times the band’s ambition outstrips their ability to deliver, but anyone who enjoys music on the edge, performed by musicians who clearly revel in the concept of stretching their talents, will find much to commend on this record. ’03 is a crucial year for doom and death bands – ThanatoSchizO could play a major role in taking the music to fresh territories.

Malcolm Dome
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